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When you fundraise with us, you fundraise with family!


We strive to help you every step of the way from start to finish. With three fundraisers available you can fundraise once a year or throughout the year.  Plus, our fundraisers typically double their cost so you will love this simple & easy process!


We currently have schools, clubs, or organizations all throughout the Southeast so chances are we are already in your state!

*Please note, due to driver shortages we can no longer deliver over 150 miles for our fundraisers.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


To get more information & get started contact us today:

Phone: 256-927-5185


Or submit a contact form & we will get with you as soon as possible!


After contacting us, a google form will be sent over.  This is the only way to secure your spot so make sure to submit that as soon as possible!  A copy will also be sent to you in case of spots being filled and the form being turned off.  


We can't wait to get started! We will be back in touch as soon as we can to get you set up.

Spring Ferns & Hanging Baskets

Spring Ferns & Hanging Baskets

Spring Ferns & Hanging Baskets

Spring Ferns & Hanging Baskets

Spring Ferns & Hanging Baskets

Spring Ferns & Hanging Baskets

Fall Mums

Fall Mums

Fall Mums

Fall Mums







Spring Ferns & Flowering Baskets

-Plan to have numbers in by mid-late March

-Multiple fern options

-Multiple flowering hanging baskets




Fall Mums

-Plan to have numbers in by the end of August





-Plan to have numbers in by early-November


Additional Details

​What to expect..

Before starting:

When you place your order:

  • Emailing your order to is the absolute best option.  That way we both have something to reference.  

  • You should email the following information (even if we have discussed it already)​:

    1. Your group​/organization name

    2. Your phone number in case the office needs it 

    3. A contact name and phone number for the driver to have (if different)

    4. The billing address

    5. The delivery address (if different)

    6. If our driver needs to come to a certain spot, please let us know.  

    7. Your order

  • After your order has been received (which could take a day to get a response.):

  •   Don't worry if it takes a bit.  We will process upwards of 50 orders.  Your e-mail will not be responded to until the order is put in.  Sending additional e-mails will slow down the response time since they are responded to in the order in which they came in.

  • You should receive an e-mail with the invoice once your order is put in.  If anything is incorrect, please respond to this e-mail.  

  • Your total will not be due until we deliver.  You are welcome to give the driver a check when he arrives.

  • Changes to the original order can not be guaranteed, but we do our best to accommodate the changes if the quantities are available.


With delivery:

  • We know that planning help to unload the truck is crucial.  We try our best to give you the most accurate delivery time frame we can.  Please remember, these are our best guesses and we can not guarantee times.

  • The most accurate time frame will be given the day before delivery.  We don't expect changes to happen after that unless they are out of our control.

  • Please keep in mind things do happen: unexpected delays in traffic, longer than expected delivery stops, etc.  

  • Once our driver is there he will help you unload.

  • The best and easiest way to unload is to set plants in a designated area by item.  

  • One of the main things to remember at delivery is to not let anyone take the plants until the final count is done!

  • Once the truck is unloaded make sure the numbers delivered match the invoice.  

  • If there are no issues sign the invoice and the driver will be headed to his next stop.

  • If there are any discrepancies have the driver call the office immediately.  This needs to be addressed before the invoice is signed or Dixie Green is no longer held responsible.

While substitutions are very unlikely, they can happen.  In the event a product needs to be substituted the office will contact you to let you know what will be done.

We look forward to working with you this year!  

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