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Dixie Green, Inc.
4215 County Road 69
Centre, AL 35960

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Monday - Friday
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Boston ferns hanging above our caladiums
One hallway full of our Red Poinsettias.
Fuchsia hanging basket
Our 14" Harvest Baskets filled with buds.
The beginning of Spring.
White & Red Poinsettias continuing to bloom.
Our first blooms of the 2015 mum season arrived mid August
A variety of caladiums
Calibrachoa (million bell) planters
A single Red Poinsettia.
6" Ornamental Cabbage
Our Marble Poinsettias
Red, Marble, and White Poinsettias
Pink & White Poinsettias
White Poinsettia
A Red Poinsettia right after being watered
Red 4" Poinsettia
A bay full of Red Poinsettias
Mums beginning to bloom
Poinsettias beginning to show color
Early poinsettias, along with poinsettias planted later in the season
12" Bronze Mum with Fountain Grass beginning to bloom.
A hallway full of fuschia
Red mums during the day
10" Marble
Our 6" white mums
Red poinsettias ready to be made into color bowls
Red poinsettias after watering
Our 7 gallon White Poinsettia Tub full of blooms
Red poinsettias beginning to bloom
Red color bowl
Yellow mums beginning to bloom
A close-up of our bronze mum
Wax begonias
Hallway of one of our mum combos
Our 10" red poinsettias after watering
Our white pansy with purple
A mum combo
Red poinsettia
Our final poinsettia orders with the beginning of our spring production
Our maroon pansy
Red & White 8" poinsettias in full bloom
Close-up of our Purple Mum
Our small combo
Orange pansy
One house full of poinsettias
Our 8" Pink Poinsettia
A mum combo before blooming
A pack of ornamental peppers
Our 8" Picasso poinsettia
Vinca hanging baskets
Light purple pansy
Gerber Daisies
purple pansy
Yellow Calla Lilies
Gerber Daisy bowl with an assortment of colors
A hanging basket with assorted colors of impatiens
Boston Ferns
A 10" Red poinsettias right after being watered
Fuchsias beginning to bud
Sweet Potato Vines
Red Caladiums ready to ship out
Red Geraniums
Calla lillies
A few of our combo baskets
White Begonias
Million Bells
Petunia baskets
Kangaroo Ferns in
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